Did you expect to see a bunch of bankers?

We're entrepreneurs, operators, hackers and hustlers - our hands-on expertise in b2b tech means that we bring so much more to the table than just dumb money.

About us

Our founding team has more than 30 years experience planning, delivering, and executing growth strategies for startups, corporates, and B2B Enterprise organisations. We’ve been ‘suits’ and we’ve been ‘hoodies’. We know what it's like to hustle, and we're well accustomed to navigating corporate bollotics.

We understand how challenging it can be to build a b2b technology business, so we don’t distract founders and their teams from getting on with business as usual… Instead, we invest far more than just capital in the startups we support.

David Reynolds

Founding Partner & CEO

Thomas Sutton

Founding Partner & CTO

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