SeedReady Bootcamp.

Prepare for growth and investment, in just six weeks.

What is the SeedReady Bootcamp?

The SeedReady Bootcamp is a paid-for-program designed for the smart founder who recognises that early-stage investment is a high-risk step on their growth journey, with these early decisions having wide-ranging and potentially damaging impacts on future opportunities.

We help you prepare for growth and investment, in just six weeks. You'll gain the awareness to make informed decisions and avoid early dilution, or temper the temptation to jump into the VC rat-race and take endless rounds of funding unnecessarily.

Why should you join us?

Investors face frequently occurring challenges when reviewing potential investment opportunities, including;

  • a poorly constructed pitch deck that does not clearly convey the problem that is being addressed, your solution and team experience;
  • a pitch with either poor market research or poor research into how much investment is required to execute the plan;
  • a lack of a comprehensive financial model backed by realistic assumptions;
  • no clear value proposition and USP; and
  • an unjustified high pre-money valuation.

The SeedReady Bootcamp is a 6 week program aimed specifically at founders preparing for growth and investment, and who want to avoid repeating these mistakes when approaching investors.

During the Bootcamp, you will systematically work through your pitch and presentation, focusing on the business strategy, finance, legal, branding and funding plans. You will have access to a network for experts that support you during the program, providing you will the tools, techniques and contacts that enable you to approach potential backers with confidence.

The SeedReady Bootcamp is fixed-fee, non-dilutive program for startups. SEED VC do not take equity for participation.

Building your Strategy

The SEED VC team are experts in business development and strategy, having worked with some of the business world's most recognisable names, including; The New Scientist, Total Jobs, Lexis Nexis, FTSE-giant RELX, and Grant Thornton.

You'll learn how to apply investor recognised tools and frameworks to your business, ensuring that you can identify and capitalise on potential opportunities as they arise. We will provide you with the capabilities necessary to size and segment markets, vital to both your investment pitch and your ability to exploit market shifts for growth.

Preparing investor-ready Financials

Prepare a comprehensive financial model backed by realistic assumptions that meets the expectations of potential investors. Our expert financial partners will help guide and structure your forecasts to ensure that your deck stands out for the right reasons.

Ensuring fit-for-purpose Legals

Our legal partners are expert startup lawyers and trusted advisors with deep experience in helping guide founders from idea to exit. We matched over a shared belief that perfection is the enemy of progress, and that intelligent pragmatism was essential for success.

The expert legal guidance during the SeedReady Bootcamp can ensure that your business is properly structured to align with your future growth, funding, and exit ambitions.

Refining your Brand & Communications

The team at Robot Mascot are trusted by some of the biggest names in the business (Seedrs, TechHub and Crowdcube to name a few), the team have supported hundreds of startups and scaleups to successfully pitch, launch, and grow their business.

During the SeedReady Bootcamp Robot Mascot will help you prepare and refine your pitch, ensuring that your presentation and deck clearly convey the potential opportunity to would-be investors.

Planning your Funding Strategy

Our team of experts will work with you to align your business and pitch with the funding ambitions, maximising your chances of successfully closing investment on the best possible terms.

We will help to guide your towards to best-fit options when finding investors, and through our partners at Capital Pilot you will have access to the tools required to identify, target and track potential investors.

How we help our founders


We profile our investor network to identify the perfect type of investor for your business.


We refine your pitch, financial model, and other supporting documents to deliver the maximum impact.


We support you to get the deal over the line.


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