Are you looking for smart money?

We back our investments with deep operational expertise to maximise your growth potential.

Our mission to support founders at the most crucial stage of their funding journey.

We currently fund early-stage B2B businesses focused on becoming the ‘first-round funder’ in their businesses.

Our thesis
1. Founder-fit

We strongly biased towards founders who are ambitious and collaborative.

2. Customer-obsessed

We firmly believe that it’s the strongest indicator of success. You need to bring a deep understanding of the problem that you're solving, and who you're solving it for - we can generally bridge any other gaps.

3. Tech, data or SaaS

We partner with people, but invest in IP. You have proprietary technology or data, which can be delivered as-a-service.

4. Early traction

Basically, you need at least a functional prototype, post-idea but pre-series A, with paid customers & product/(market/user) fit.

5. Global potential

We look for startups solving global business challenges.

6. Capital-efficient

Founders should be focused on realising growth, not the next funding round.

7. Exit Plans

We are not unicorn hunters. Great trade sales exits are our sweet spot.


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